Little Wonder - Your Rental Partner

Superior ROI and More

Bring quick turnarounds, repeat rentals and superior ROI to your fleet with Little Wonder outdoor power equipment. Time is money and productivity pays. Customers will enjoy using Little Wonder equipment for debris clean-up projects, grounds maintenance or asphalt and paving prep jobs. The quicker the customer can get the job done, the quicker you can turn the tool and turn a profit!

Rental-Friendly Design

Little Wonder equipment is built for heavy-duty use. Quality components, productivity features and service and maintenance ease make it a favorite with rental dealerships world-wide. And Little Wonder equipment is designed to make every rental customer feel like a pro, with simplified control mechanisms and clear setting and adjustment levers.

Renting Little Wonder Equipment

You can find Little Wonder equipment through national rental stores and independent rental shops nationwide. Visit our dealer locator to find a rental store in your area.

Brush cutter clearing debris

Renting the Right Unit for You and the Job

Walk-Behind Leaf Blowers for Fast Debris Cleanup

Little Wonder Walk Behind Leaf Blowers Rental

For jobs that require hurricane-force air power, you need a Little Wonder walk-behind blower.

  • Seasonal leaf clean-up
  • Move standing water after a storm
  • Prep asphalt or flat roofs for resurfacing

Hedge Trimmers Perform For Decades

Little Wonder Hedge Trimmers Rental

Longer-lasting blades require less sharpening that on typical homeowner-grade hedge trimmers.

  • Maintaining long hedgerows
  • Cut back overgrown evergreens
  • Shaping privacy hedges and shrubs

Tame Overgrowth with a Brush Cutter

Little Wonder Brush Cutter Contractor Rental

Tackle unrelenting brush, saplings and overgrowth. Get the landscape under control.

  • Clear underbrush in vacant lots, around barns or buildings
  • Opening riding trails
  • Highway guard rail and median maintenance

Truck Loaders Clear More Debris In Less Time

Little Wonder Truckloaders Rental

The power to take on big leaf and debris removal jobs.

  • Large property leaf removal
  • Storm clean-up


Cut Clean Edges Faster

Create perfect edges and immaculate borders.

  • Give beds a professional finish
  • Eliminate hand edging; cut labor costs

Debris and Leaf Vacuums Clean Up Faster

Designed to carry twice the load of other debris vacuums.

  • Vacuum leaves instead of blowing them into piles
  • Clean parking lots, driveways and walkways