Optimax™ Blowers


Product Description


More Air Power… Less Man Power!

38% More Air Movement Than the Competition

Little Wonder Optimax blowers are the best-designed blowers in the world… known for unmatched leaf-blowing efficiency.

Little Wonder Optimax blowers outperform the competition for moving stubborn debris, removing standing water, preparing asphalt or flat roofs for resurfacing, or for any job that requires hurricane-force air! Durable, solid-steel construction… they’re built to last and are backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

Customize Your Little Wonder Optimax Blower with Accessories!

  • Advanced impeller and aerodynamic design produce the highest airflow in the industry
  • Unique split-stream air deflector moves piles of leaves farther and faster; without blow-back!
  • Large, square discharge chute is low to the ground for better blowing power
  • Scrolled housing ensures consistent, constant airflow even if partially blocked by leaves
  • Continuously welded all-steel impeller and housing for strength and durability you can rely on season after season
  • Remote discharge chute control on the handle at your fingertips
  • Ergonomic handle design; height adjustable with anti-vibration grip
  • Transport bracket for convenient tie-down during transport.
  • Convenient lift handle makes lifting the blower on and off the truck easier.
  • Optional Swivel Wheel Kit for 360° turning
  • 5-Year warranty

PDF Icon  Little Wonder Optimax Blowers Spec Sheet

Optimax™ Push Blowers

Model 9160-06-01 9390-06-01 9390-02-01 9270-02-01 9270-06-01 9570-04-01
Engine Kohler SH265 Kohler CH440 Honda GX390 Honda GX270 KOHLER CH395 Vanguard
Displacement 196cc 429cc 389cc 270cc 277cc 570cc
Fuel Capacity .87 Gal. 1.95 Gal. 1.6 Gal. 1.4 Gal. 1.95 Gal. 1.75 Gal.
Impeller (diameter, type ) 17", 7 blade steel, reverse angle 17", 7 blade steel, reverse angle 17", 7 blade steel, reverse angle 17", 7 blade steel, reverse angle 17", 7 blade steel, reverse angle 17", 9 blade steel, reverse angle
Impeller depth 1.75" 3.25" 3.25" 2.75" 2.75" 3.50"
Air Volume 1700 cfm 2530 cfm 2530 cfm 2260 cfm 2260 cfm 2850 cfm
Air Speed 190 mph 160 mph 160 mph 143 mph 143 mph 179 mph
Air Flow Control Manual Remote Remote Remote Remote Remote
(Height, Width, Length)
42" x 28" x 56" 43" x 28" x 58" 43" x 28" x 58" 43" x 28" x 58" 43" x 28" x 58" 43" x 28" x 58"
Tires, Front 10" pneumatic front tire w/ tube 10" pneumatic front tire w/ tube
Tires, Rear 12" pneumatic rear tires w/ tube
Weight 108 lbs 168 lbs 168 lbs 142 lbs 148 lbs 188 lbs
Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years
Product No. Models Description
9050-00-01 All models except for 9570-04-01 and 9570-14-01 Swivel Wheel Kit Optional, easy to install, Swivel Wheel Kit for 360º turning and control. Wheel can also lock into a straight position. Minimizes wear and tear on tires.

Installation Instructions

4174094 Push Models only excluding model 9160 Parking Brake Little Wonder Optimax Blower Blower Parking Brake Kit - Secure transport and reduce roll-offs with the Little Wonder parking brake. The optional parking brake attaches to the main deck of the blower and secures BOTH wheels - enhancing stability on hills and in the back of a truck. It is easily engaged and disengaged by foot.
Kit Weight 6 lbs.
Usage Works on Optimax Push Models only (excluding model 9160-02-01 and 9160-06-01)
Material Steel
Finish Black powder coat
Diameter 10.5 in.
Adjustment Dual action spring, positioning done by foot

Installation Instructions

4173815 All Optimax Blowers Solid Wheel Little Wonder Blower Solid Wheel - Adds durability, which is of particular importance when the blower is used over tough and abrasive applications. The optional solid wheel attaches quickly using the hardware already available on the Optimax blowers
Kit Weight 10 lbs.
Usage Works on all Optimax blowers
Material Rubber
Finish Black powder coat
Diameter 10.5 in.
Wheel Bearing Pressed-fit ball bearing

Installation Instructions

4174355 All Optimax Blowers Tool Holder Kit - The optional tool holder attaches to either side of a blower and can hold either a shovel or a broom. Two tool holders can be added for maximum productivity.
Kit Weight 2 lbs.
Material 12-gauge steel
Finish Red powder coat

Installation Instructions

View Special Notice for these blower models:

Model Name Model No. Manual Part No. Multi-language
PDF Files
Optimax GX270 Honda, EX270 Subaru, CH395 Kohler, GX390 Honda, CH440 Kohler, 570 Vanguard 9270-02-01, 9270-03-01, 9270-06-01, 9390-02-01, 9390-06-01, 9570-04-01 4166749   Optimax Blower Manual
Optimax SP GX270 Honda, EX270 Subaru, GX390 Honda, EX400 Subaru, 570 Vanguard 9270-12-01, 9270-13-01, 9390-12-01, 9400-13-01, 9570-14-01 4166799   PDF
Optimax GC160 Honda, EX170 Subaru, EX270 Subaru 9160-02-01, 9170-03-01, 91270-03-01 4166180   PDF
Optimax Blower 6/2009 to 4/2011 14HP Subaru LB1401 4164196 Yes PDF
Optimax Blower 6/2009 to 4/2011 13HP Honda 9131 4164248 Yes PDF
Optimax Blower 6/2009 to 4/2011 9HP Subaru LB901 4164247 Yes PDF
Optimax Blower 6/2008 to 5/2009 9HP Subaru LB901 4163480 Yes PDF
Optimax Blower 6/2009 to 4/2011 9HP Honda LB900 4164250 Yes PDF
Optimax Blower 8/2007 to 5/2009 8HP Briggs & Stratton I/C Intek, 9HP Honda LB800
4162963 Yes PDF
Optimax Blower 6/2006 to 7/2007 8HP Briggs & Stratton I/C Intek, 9HP Honda LB800
910736 Yes PDF
HO Blower From 8/2007 thru 5/2009 9131 4162962 Yes PDF
HO Blower From 5/2004 thru 7/2007 9811
910730 Yes PDF
HO Blower From 2001 thru 5/04 9600
910723 Yes PDF
HO Blower 6/1997 to 2001 All 4-cycle Models 910700   PDF
SHO Blower 6/2009 to 4/2011 5HP Honda 9502 4164249 Yes PDF
SHO Blower 6/2009 to 4/2011 6HP Subaru LB601 4164195 Yes PDF
SHO Blower 8/2007 to 5/2009 5HP Honda 9502 4162964 Yes PDF
SHO Blower From 5/2004 thru 7/2007 5HP Honda and 6HP Briggs & Stratton 9502
920702 Yes PDF
SHO Blower 2003 to 5/2004 5HP Honda 9502 920700 Yes PDF
Blower Instructions including 11HP 9005S
9005P I/C
9008P I/C
9111P I/C
978-6   PDF
Pneumatic Wheel Kit All 4-cycle Models 900700   PDF