Product Description


Fastest edging and shaping speeds in the industry

100 Feet Per Minute. 0 Turn Radius

Bed redefining made easier. Competitive edgers grind into the turf, leaving mounds of dirt, dead grass and old mulch. BedShaper® cuts clean, easy-to-remove strips of sod, to create a perfect edge and an immaculate border.

  • Move edging jobs forward; infinitely variable speed control in both forward and reverse
  • Hydrostatic transmission, proven, reliable self-propelled action to get the job done quickly and easily
  • Differential makes it easy to cut an extremely tight radius
  • Powerful notched blade slices through the soil and turf to create a clean, sharp edge
  • Cutting depths from .5" to 4.5" controlled by a seven position, easily changeable gauge wheel.
  • BladeFloat™ lets the arm "float" over the obstruction, while the blade continues to cut.
  • Zero-turning radius in transport
  • 24” turn radius with blade engaged; easily cuts even small diameter tree rings
  • Shape-Trak™ design mounts the blade in-line with the drive wheels. Blade follows the exact path of the wheels for precise edging.
  • Tow valve for moving the unit without engine power
  • Spring-loaded belt idler provides maintenance free operation and is fully enclosed in the frame for extra protection
  • Lifetime blade guarantee against chipping, breaking, bending and delaminating
Product No. 904-00-01
Engine Honda GXV390
Displacement 390cc
Transmission Hydrostatic, infinite speed control (forward and reverse)
Blade 16.25" (41.3 cm) dia., Heat treated spring steel
Bearings Roller (greaseable)
Frame Welded, formed steel
Cutting Depth .5" - 4.5" (1.3 cm - 11.4 cm)
Depth Adjustment Pin, 7 position
Tire Size 145 / 70 - 6
Dimensions 43" (109.2 cm) W x 51" (129.5 cm) L x 43" (109.2 cm) H
Weight 365 lbs.

Cost Analysis

Hand Edging BedShaper
Number of Properties Edged 80 80
Feet Edged per Property 1,000 1,000
Speed of Edging (ft./ min) 4 100
Hourly Labor Cost $10.00 $10.00
Charge to Edge - per foot $0.25 $0.25
Edging Time (minutes) 20,000 800
Edging Revenue per Season $20,000 $20,000
Direct Labor Costs $3,333 $133
Indirect/ Overhead Costs @ 35% $1,167 $47
Net Income $15,000 $19,820


Hand Edging BedShaper
Capacity to Expand Low Very High
Professional "Finish" Good Great
Take advantage of "windows of opportunity" (weather, etc.) No YES!
Product No. Description Shredder Kit
80001 To further increase productivity, the bolt-on Shredder Blades break up sod strips for one-step edging. This kit is designed for sandy or loamy soils.
Shredder Kit
Product No. Description Weight Kit
80002 When encountering extra hard or compacted soil, the 16 pound Weight Kit helps keep the blade in the ground.
Weight Kit
Produced From Model No. Manual
Part No.
PDF Files
2003 to 2011 900, 901, 902 & 903 70001   PDF
2012 to present 904 70100   PDF
Shredder Kit 80001 70015   PDF
Blade Weight Kit 80002 70017   PDF
Through 12/31/2002
(Obsolete - no parts available)
800 BS800   PDF

The Little Wonder BedShaper® is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of TWO YEARS from date of purchase. Any Little Wonder BedShaper® or part found to be defective within the warranty period is to be returned to any registered Little Wonder dealer.

Engines for all gasoline powered products are warranted separately by the engine manufacturer. Therefore, there are no warranties made, expressed or implied, for engines for gasoline powered products by Little Wonder.

Creates A Great Edge…

”The BedShaper creates a great edge… it saves a lot of time, and it’s easy to control. The hydrostatic control is the best feature. When I’m installing new beds, the cutting blade is excellent. The shredding blade does great on existing beds.”

Mike B – Bridgewater Landscaping

The Best Investment We Made...

Ed Reilly’s crew replaced a contractor who edged beds at Fairway Mews in New Jersey with a crew of three. It took two weeks to complete the job on 24 acres of residential turf and 118 acres of golf course.


Two years ago, he chose the Bedshaper based on its reputation as a productive edger with minimal requirements for maintenance and repair. He saw the machine demonstrated and bought it. Today, one man on Ed’s crew can complete all the edging in just one week, resulting in such a significant savings that the BedShaper paid for itself in just two weeks.

“We actually can maintain our beds at the rate of two hundred feet per minute,” Ed says, “the BedShaper far outweighs the competition.” Take it from Ed, “of all the equipment we purchased, the BedShaper is the best investment we made.”

We Needed A Serious Edger...

When you edge at least 30 linear miles of predominantly curved beds per year, the equipment you use is crucial. At Willow Valley Resort & Conference Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Grounds Supervisor Jim Nagle knows the BedShaper is the perfect tool. A demanding grounds maintenance schedule is necessary at Willow Valley which functions as a destination resort with a nine-hole public golf course as well as a retirement community with a variety of options for living.


With 500 acres of gardens and landscaped areas divided into segments according to function, Willow Valley also encompasses a business park and shopping center.


All areas see the BedShaper on a regular basis, resulting in Willow Valley’s reputation as a showplace in the heart of the Pennsylvania Amish country.


Purchased to replace an inefficient edger that was also difficult to use, the BedShaper arrived just before the 2001 season. With a team of 15 full time groundskeepers and 8 seasonal workers, Jim put the BedShaper to work and immediately realized a significant savings in labor.

The self-propelled BedShaper works faster and, because it rolls the edging back in a single piece, cleanup is instant. With hydrostatic transmission, uneven terrain is no problem, and edging around trees went quickly due to the BedShaper’s capability to turn a tight radius.

The time required for edging was reduced, and, as Jim put it, “we saved about 10 hours each time we edged a segment of the property.”