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Little Wonder Electric Hedge Trimmers

Little Wonder Electric Hedge Trimmers run smooth for quiet operation, yet these lightweight, heavy-duty trimmers pack the power to easily cut stubborn growth from shrubs and hedges up to one-half-inch thick. Little Wonder Electric Hedge Trimmers feature dual reciprocating high-carbon steel blades maintain a sharp edge six to ten times longer than traditional steel and glide flawlessly for fatigue-free trimming at speeds of up to 2,700 cuts per minute.

Little Wonder Electric Hedge Trimmer Features:

  • Four models: single-edge and double-edge in 24- or 30-inch lengths
  • Dual reciprocating blades made from high-carbon steel
  • Cutting Speed: up to 2,700 cuts per minute
  • Cutting width: growth up to 1/2” thick.
  • Dual-handle switches combine to operate all trimmers, blades and the motor stop within one-half second of release of either switch
  • Double insulated motor: sealed within a metal gearbox and surrounded by high-impact material for durability
  • Helical-toothed gears: encased in protective metal gear housing maintain cut power and speed through thick heavy growth
  • 2-Year Consumer / 1-Year Commercial Warranty


Specifications of Little Wonder Electric Hedge Trimmers:

Models Single Edge Double Edge
Product No. 2410 3010 2420 3020
Blade Length (inches) 24 30 24 30
Blade Speed 2,700 Cuts Per Minute
Volts* 110 110 110 110
Amps 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
Watts 462.33 462.33 462.33 462.33
Weight (pounds) 7.9 8.4 8.8 10.1
Cutting Capacity Up to 1/2″ Thick
Warranty 2 Year Consumer / 1 Year Commercial
Notes: *All models available in 220v.

To learn more about the full line of Little Wonder landscaping and debris management equipment, visit www.littlewonder.com or call toll-free 1-877-596-6337.

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