Blower Comparisons

Little Wonder Optimax Blowers Outperform the Competition

Watch Little Wonder outperform other wheeled blowers in this test. See why you need a Little Wonder Optimax blower!

In independent testing Little Wonder Optimax Blowers were proven to produce 38% more air power than the nearest competitive unit. This results in being able to move leaves and other debris farther faster.

A lot goes into that level of power…


The aerodynamic design of our impeller and scrolled housing was proven to be so effective and advanced it received Patent protection in 1997, and continues to lead the industry in air output today. Little Wonder Optimax Blowers utilize a reverse angled fan blade design that is much different than competitive blowers. This design improves the fan efficiency. Matched with our scrolled housing, the result is Optimax blowers move more air versus other wheeled blowers.



Our Split-Stream Air Deflector splits the airstream allowing you to direct the fastest moving air where you need it for the conditions. Little Wonder blowers have the power to move heavy wet leaves and other dense debris and the finesse to eliminate blow back when moving tall piles of light debris.


Our wide, low lying discharge chute gets the airflow closer to the surface to clear small particles for surface treating or moving standing water and drying surface areas quickly.



Our tool-free front/side discharge chute gives you the ability to discharge our industry-leading airflow from the side of the machine for wide area (sweeping motion) clearing or from the front of the machine to blast stubborn debris from along roadsides, fences and walls.

With user-friendly features and industry-leading airflow, it’s little wonder why Optimax Blowers™ are the best.

Why We’re Best: Wheeled Blower vs. Backpack

Landscapers and large property owners have an exceptional problem when it comes to leaves and yard debris. That problem is compounded when leaves are wet or the debris is heavy or bulky. While many turn to backpack-style blowers for the task, they simply are not as efficient for large, open areas. Backpacks are fine around bushes or fence lines, but not for the wide open spaces often overwhelmed by leaves. Just as a painter spends time with a brush for the details, the bulk of the job is accomplished with a roller. That’s why you need Little Wonder wheeled blowers.

Wheeled Blowers Work With Backpack Blowers

Little Wonder Blower vs Billy Goat Blower

Professional landscapers understand the economics of efficiency. Little Wonder blowers mean increased productivity and profits by reducing labor costs while increasing the number of jobs that can be done in a single day. This efficiency was designed and engineered into our blowers from the very beginning.


Our exclusive Little Wonder blowers’ intake, housing and centrifugal impeller design generates as much as four times the volume of air than a backpack model can. That tremendous power is harnessed by the Split-Stream Air deflector that not only directs piles of debris farther and faster than a backpack, but its positioning just above ground level deposits debris where you need it… without the blowback experienced with backpacks. You’ll only do the job once.

While relentless on debris, Little Wonder blowers are easy on the operator. The sturdy ergonomic handle design and pneumatic tires make for easy control and less fatigue on the arms and back. Add to that our line of self-propelled models and swivel wheel kit and you further decrease fatigue while increasing productivity. Consider that when working on hilly or uneven terrain.

Backpack blowers have their place, but only Little Wonder wheeled blowers offer the ground-clearing firepower to complete the job with speed and customer satisfaction.

Little Wonder will be your most important tool for handling lawn debris.

Optimax™ Push Blowers

Model 9160-06-01 9390-06-01 9390-02-01 9270-02-01 9270-06-01 9570-04-01
Engine Kohler SH265 Kohler CH440 Honda GX390 Honda GX270 KOHLER CH395 Vanguard
Displacement 196cc 429cc 389cc 270cc 277cc 570cc
Fuel Capacity .87 Gal. 1.95 Gal. 1.6 Gal. 1.4 Gal. 1.95 Gal. 1.75 Gal.
Impeller (diameter, type ) 17", 7 blade steel, reverse angle 17", 7 blade steel, reverse angle 17", 7 blade steel, reverse angle 17", 7 blade steel, reverse angle 17", 7 blade steel, reverse angle 17", 9 blade steel, reverse angle
Impeller depth 1.75" 3.25" 3.25" 2.75" 2.75" 3.50"
Air Volume 1700 cfm 2530 cfm 2530 cfm 2260 cfm 2260 cfm 2850 cfm
Air Speed 190 mph 160 mph 160 mph 143 mph 143 mph 179 mph
Air Flow Control Manual Remote Remote Remote Remote Remote
(Height, Width, Length)
42" x 28" x 56" 43" x 28" x 58" 43" x 28" x 58" 43" x 28" x 58" 43" x 28" x 58" 43" x 28" x 58"
Tires, Front 10" pneumatic front tire w/ tube 10" pneumatic front tire w/ tube
Tires, Rear 12" pneumatic rear tires w/ tube
Weight 108 lbs 168 lbs 168 lbs 142 lbs 148 lbs 188 lbs
Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years

Optimax Blowers – Self-Propelled

Model 9390-12-01 9270-12-01 9570-14-01
Max Speed Forward 4.1 mph 4.1 mph 4.1 mph
Max Speed Reverse 2.5 mph 2.5 mph 2.5 mph
Transmission Variable speed belt powered chain drive
Open center differential
Engine Honda GX390 Honda GX270 Vanguard™
Displacement 389cc 270cc 570cc
Fuel Capacity1.6 Gal.1.4 Gal.1.75 Gal.
Impeller (diameter, type)17", 7 blade steel, reverse angle17", 7 blade steel, reverse angle17", 9 blade steel, reverse angle
Impeller depth3.25"2.75"3.50"
Air Volume2530 cfm2260 cfm2850 cfm
Air Speed160 mph143 mph179 mph
Air Flow ControlRemoteRemoteRemote
(Height, Width, Length)
43" x 28" x 58"43" x 28" x 58"43" x 28" x 58"
Tires, Front10" pneumatic front tire w/ tube
Tires, Rear13” pneumatic turf tread rear tires w/ tube
Weight 228 lbs 202 lbs 248 lbs
Warranty5 years5 years5 years

Little Wonder Blowers outperform the competition. The test results from an independent testing firm prove that our blowers deliver more air power.


Results based on test conducted in October 2011 by an independent engineering and testing firm.